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Lawyers’ Endorsements

“[Roy] came well-prepared but what I most remember about him was his relationship to his clients. Some lawyers treat their clients mainly as a file, a case, or issues or problems to be solved. Other lawyers mainly view their clients as a contractual fee-for-service relationship. Roy was different, however; it was obvious that Roy cared about his clients as people and cared about serving their informed best interests.” – Orange County Superior Court Judge Frank Firmat (Ret.)

“Roy Comer is an extraordinarily generous and giving man with a passion for the law and the clients he represents. I can think of no one better to receive the Scoville Award.” – Orange County Superior Court Judge Julian Bailey

“Roy’s enthusiasm for legal education knows no bounds. Whether it is ‘Last Dash’ or ‘Welcome to the Practice of Law,’ Roy is committed to all ends of the spectrum. His forte is trial skills, where he puts on a clinic on how to bring a real presence to the courtroom. Roy’s brand of self-deprecating humor is most refreshing. It serves to place everyone at ease and teaches younger lawyers that mentoring is a life-long pursuit. We can all learn to be better at our craft.” – Orange County Superior Court Judge Nancy Weiben Stock [Ret.]

“Roy has served the legal community of Orange County with extraordinary grace, humility, energy, integrity, and stamina over a great many years.” – Attorney Donald J. Hamman

“I recently attended an event where Mr. Comer was speaking regarding various components of civil procedure, specifically in relation to depositions. It was quickly apparent that he knew the subject matter and enjoyed helping others learn from his experience. It is a joy to have members of our legal community like Mr. Comer committed to giving back for the betterment of our profession.” – Attorney Melinda Gomez

“I fully endorse this attorney whom I invited to assist me with discovery issues in a contentious trust matter. Roy is intelligent and extremely knowledgeable of the discovery rules. He quickly familiarized himself with the relevant issues in our case, reviewed the discovery and responses thereto, and, with meetings and correspondence, obtained the discovery responses we wanted without the need for a motion to compel. My client and I were both very pleased with Roy’s results.” – Attorney Toni DeGasperin

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Roy Comer for several years; we sit on the same board for the Orange County Bar Association. I can say without hesitation Roy is extremely knowledgeable in both substantive personal injury law and civil litigation, as well as a skilled negotiator. Roy also devotes substantial volunteer time to new lawyer education. I highly endorse Roy Comer for any legal assistance or counseling you may need.” – Attorney Janet Martin

“I endorse Roy Comer as an attorney who has asked Mr. Comer for his input on various litigation matters over the past couple of years. He is always knowledgeable and shares his experience and knowledge with colleagues freely. His knowledge of Civil Litigation matters and law is broad and advice well thought out. He is a source of education on the current/new case law to many of us attorneys.” – Attorney Anahita Hasheminejad

“Attorney Comer’s encyclopedic knowledge of the law, years of experience, and gifted litigation skills have made him a very valued colleague in the community. Any client is lucky to have him as Counsel. Trusted, respected, experienced.” – Attorney Thomas Bozarjian

“I have had the privilege of knowing Roy Comer for several years from the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) events. When I took the “Trial Advocacy” course offered by the OCBA, Roy was a prominent instructor there, and acted as a lecturer, a witness and as a trial lawyer effectively. Roy is a competent attorney, an educator, and has contributed to the growth and development of many new entrants to our profession. He has dedicated countless hours of his time to managing various OCBA sections and committees. Once, he kindly critiqued me in one of the speeches I presented before the OCBA small business section, and provided me with valuable points of improvement. Roy is a great human being, a precious asset to our profession, a very pleasant person to associate with, and is well respected by our colleagues. I feel proud to call him a friend, a humble mentor, and strongly endorse him for the areas of law he practices. “ – Attorney Zaher Fallahi

“I wholeheartedly endorse Roy. I have referred clients to him in the past and he has done an outstanding job for them. I have also observed him both with clients and with opposing counsel. He is a conscientious and prudent litigator yet always maintains a forthright and professional demeanor. His integrity is beyond reproach. He is very well regarded by his peers in both the plaintiff and defense bar. “ – Attorney Richard Taylor

“I have known Roy for a number of years. While I aspire to the former and lack the abilities of the latter, he is a true gentleman and a scholar. I heartily endorse him. “ – Attorney Richard Millar

“Roy Comer enjoys an excellent reputation as a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, tenacious, conscientious, and hard-working advocate who “gives his all” for his clients. Unlike most attorneys, Mr. Comer has over the years shown himself willing to represent and fight for those individuals unfairly targeted, or taken advantage of. His steady stream of “client referrals” over the years speaks eloquently of his success, and the confidence those who he has represented place in his ability. Mr. Comer has enjoyed a long track record of success on behalf of his clients, and brings a high level of expertise, energy, and diligence to their representation. In the forefront of his priorities is Mr. Comer’s treatment of his clients from the moment they walk through the front door until the final handshake. I endorse this lawyer. “ – Attorney Ivan Cohen

“I attended the Orange County Bar Association’s College of Trial Advocacy, which Roy Co-Chaired. Roy helped put together a great program and his experience was invaluable to the attendees. “ – Attorney Chad Morgan

“Mr. Comer is an excellent attorney whose experience shines through whenever discussing a legal matter. I met Mr. Comer when he was teaching a seminar on trial techniques and it was instantly clear that Mr. Comer has some of the best trial techniques in Orange County. I strongly endorse Mr. Comer. “ – Attorney Peter Corrales

“Roy is a great attorney. I first met him when he was giving a presentation at an Orange County Bar function. He later mentored me. He is an outstanding attorney. “ – Attorney Charles Piccuta

“I’ve known Roy Comer as a lawyer within the personal injury legal community for several years. Roy is knowledgeable, experienced and capable when it comes to advocating for his clients and achieving the legal results that they are entitled to. Roy is also a valuable asset to the local legal community. For these and numerous other reasons, I endorse Roy Comer! “ – Attorney Brian Biyati

“Roy Comer is an outstanding personal injury attorney. He has many years of experience (both plaintiff and defense side), is well respected by his colleagues and the judicial officers, is always very well prepared, and has an amazing ability to connect with people to make them feel comfortable through an often challenging process. I very highly recommend him.”Attorney Lynn Reiss.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Attorney Jame Mascaro.

“I endorse this lawyer. Roy is as good as they come. A true advocate and warrior who gets excellent results for his clients. I am proud to know Roy and to have worked on a case with him.” – Attorney Chad Gerardi.

“If you want a top-notch litigator whose ethics are unquestioned and whose commitment to his clients is unmatched, Roy is your man.” – Attorney Neil Pedersen.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Attorney Jason Cohn.

“I’ve known Roy for quite a few years, and found him to be a great lawyer – extremely dedicated to his clients, very giving of his experience and knowledge to the legal community through educational programs for new lawyers, and a model of professionalism.” – Attorney Paul Molinaro.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Attorney Brian Bayati.

“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Roy for 34 years. He is an excellent and knowledgeable litigator who is well respected by his peers and the bench. You will be in excellent hands if Roy is your attorney.” – Attorney Barry Besser.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Attorney Matisyahu Wolfberg.

“I endorse this lawyer. Roy is a compassionate and thoughtful attorney, friend and mentor. He is a benchmark in the Orange County legal community and has earned the respect of the attorneys he encounters, past, present and future.” – Attorney Price Kent.

“I endorse this lawyer. I first met Roy when he was on the other side of a case that I was defending. The case went to trial. Thereafter our office was looking to hire an attorney, and we ended up hiring Roy. He worked for me for many years, and we have remained friends and associates. I can recommend Roy without hesitation. He is a hard worker, gets to know is cases very well, and is well respected by those attorneys in the community. When I am not able to handle a case, I frequently refer the case to Roy. He will do an excellent job for any client.” – Attorney Rivers Morrell.

“I referred friends of the family to Roy when they were going through a very difficult time after an accident and were unsure about how to proceed. They were grateful for the referral as much for his thoughtful caring and wisdom as for his legal expertise. I chose him expressly because I knew he would be respectful of their loss and their struggle about whether to try to compensate it with legal proceedings. I would trust Roy to do the right thing professionally, ethically, legally and with respect for his client.” – Attorney Linda Rehm.

“I endorse Roy Comer’s work. Roy and I met as opposing counsel in a case that we tried before a jury in 1989. I was impressed with his knowledge of the law, his diligence in mastering the facts, and his confidence in presenting the evidence. He is an accomplished orator; his closing argument was so effective that the jury did not award all of the damages for which I had advocated. Roy was cooly professional throughout the case. He vigorously resisted my discovery efforts such that I had to file a motion, but he did so with a minimum of expense to his client. In that ordeal, I came to respect Roy as an outstanding lawyer and a fine man. I unhesitatingly refer all personal injury cases to him. Twenty years after our trial, I consider Roy one of my best friends.” – Attorney Robert Foster.

“I endorse Roy both professinally and personally. He cares for his clients and puts in maximum effort for every client he represents. I have no hesitation in referring clients to him and respect his professional integrity.” – Attorney Rudolph Loewenstein.

“I have known and admired Roy for over twenty (20) years, He is a fine advocate both in the courtroom and in the way he approaches and deals with his opponents. In the event I ever needed a lawyer, I would have no hesitancy in hiring Roy. Two words I would use to describe him are honor and integrity.” – Attorney Gary Chambers.

“Roy Comer has good history of providing excellent legal services for his clients in Orange County, CA. I have known Roy for many years and have found him to be pleasant, engaging, while determined in his work. Roy has significant litigation and courtroom experience, including arbitrations and jury trials. He has also donated many hours of his time for non-profit organizations, such as Barristers and trial lawyers groups, and has served as board member and President of the homeowners association where he lives in Irvine. I endorse Roy Comer for his legal services work and highly recommend him.” – Attorney Harrison Long.

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