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Client Testimonials

Mr. Comer is fair, forthright and honest about my concerns about a civil litigation matter. He has years of experience, explains the issues clearly for non-attorneys and attorneys alike. Is honest about likelihood of success in potential litigation and works hard for the goal of success in litigation. Respected by his peers and by the OC Bar. Feel confident about his opinion, advice and his efforts in litigation and case management that he has active involvement with. – Irene, a civil litigation client

I was rear ended and had severe personal injuries. Roy was very diligent putting the case together and always talked or e-mailed me about the next steps we should take or do. It always was my decision what to do, but Roy always explained everything to me and outlined the pros and cons about the decision I had made. Five stars. – Susan, a personal injury client

I had an unsure feeling as to what to expect especially having been in several depositions but never being the topic of the proceeding before Roy laid out his anticipated process and went through the steps by the numbers giving me a better insight. I was able to successfully navigate the questions posed by the other attorney not once feeling ambushed or fearful of my own honesty. Roy’s confidence and professionalism were of a very high standard. – Chuck, a litigation client

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Roy when it came to settling my personal injury claim that resulted from a car accident that wasn’t my fault. He managed to be very personable while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. He responded to all of my phone calls or emails within 24 hours and was willing to meet in person as often as I felt the need. His background and relationships with other lawyers allowed him to give me educated and well-rounded advice and opinions that were centered around my best interest and not his own personal gains. He was more than willing to break things down for me and answer all of my questions when I was unable to understand something. He was very thorough and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Roy Comer to own friends and family and would not hesitate to have him represent me again in the future. Thank you for everything Roy! Five stars. – Megan, a personal injury client

Mr. Comer was referred to me with a high rating and I was not disappointed. I am an arbitrator and a judge and know quality legal services. – John, a litigation client

Roy was informative, clear, and all around very helpful. This was my first deposition so having him as my lawyer was key for me. He had me relaxed and well prepared. – Jonathan, a litigation client.

Roy did a great job walking me through the entire process and preparing me for the types of questions I would be asked. He also coached me very well on how to create rapport. – Phil, a litigation client

Mr. Comer made me feel like I was with a good friend that had my back the whole time in my deposition and made me feel calm! Thank you so much. I felt so good coming out of what I thought was some of the worst stuff an injured NHL hockey player has to go through but Roy made me feel like I was in great hands! – Sasha, a litigation client

I was referred to Mr. Comer by another lawyer who told me great things about him. I didn’t believe how great this lawyer was until I spoke with him about my fiancés case. Mr. Comer took his time to review my file, read it, call my old attorney, and speak with me on the phone without charging me a penny. Even though he was not able to help us, Mr. Comer took his time to help me, advise me and refer me to another lawyer. Mr. Comer had an opportunity to take advantage of us, but he was honest and chose to advise us on what to do rather than to steal our money like the previous lawyer. I can’t thank him enough for his integrity, professionalism, and humanity. I give him 100 stars, not only 5, and recommend him to all of you guys. – Qadar, consultation

Roy Comer was referred to me by a lawyer (with a different area of expertise) that I’ve known and trusted for 30+ years. The service and support received from Roy was as expected and was top-notch. I was pleased with Roy’s understanding of the law and of the legal process as it specifically applied to my personal injury sustained in an auto accident. Roy helped me secure a positive outcome in a brief amount of time. Additionally, I found Roy to be personable and kind. I am 100% satisfied that Roy was the best attorney I could have found to handle my matter. I’d recommend him highly and without hesitation. – Linda, a litigation client

Mr. Comer is a very knowledgeable attorney. I felt comfortable talking with him. He has very good people skills. He was thorough in addressing all questions and concerns I had throughout the legal process. I’d definitely recommend him for legal advice. – Sam, a litigation client

Roy was a tremendous help in preparing me for my deposition and helping me understand what to expect. I truly appreciated his guidance during the deposition. – David, a litigation client

I would like to thank you again for taking my case. I greatly appreciate all of your support and efforts over the last year! Gosh, I cannot believe it was over a year ago when this started. I could not have done any of this without your expertise, and am truly grateful!! – Allison, a personal injury litigation client

I would highly recommend Roy to anyone looking for an attorney. He was prompt and attentive to my case. Roy was not my lead attorney, but was able to review my case and help me understand the deposition procedure. I can’t thank him enough for helping me out. – Steve, a litigation client

Mr. Comer is a very knowledgeable attorney. I felt comfortable talking with him; he has very good people skills. He was thorough in addressing all questions and concerns I had throughout the legal process. I’d definitely recommend him for legal advice. – Joe, a litigation client

There is truly no substitute for all of Roy’s legal experience. – Jason, a legal education provider

I worked with Roy Comer a little over a year ago and I found that he was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He settled my case with the insurance company for the maximum amount of my liability insurance. I was very happy with the result that he achieved. – Sam, a litigation client

Mr. Comer provided tremendous counsel and was great to work with on my case. He was extremely well prepared and handled every facet of the case in an extremely competent and professional manner. I would not hesitate to work with Mr. Comer in the future. – Steve, a personal injury litigation client

Mr. Comer was very professional and thorough in a meeting before my deposition. Based on his experience, we reviewed every point he felt would be covered and explained things in terms I fully understood. He made the entire process painless and I am truly grateful to have had him with me in the room. – Rich, a litigation client

It is my opinion that because of the expert qualities he exhibited during the deposition, we avoided having to take the case to trial. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking a very knowledgeable, professional, yet caring, attorney. – John, an employment litigation client

This was my first experience hiring a lawyer. Roy Comer was professional in every way. He explained everything to me patiently, and was always available by phone or email. I trusted him completely and would hire him again if ever I need a lawyer. I recommend him without reservation. – Kay, an employment litigation client

Mr. Comer represented me in a tragic and messy DUI case after my original attorney died unexpectedly. I was so grateful when he accepted my case almost instantly (after I had talked to a number of other attorneys who wanted nothing to do with it) and he meticulously and faithfully handled the legal/business aspect of it while I came to grips with the emotional impacts. – Angie, a personal injury client

He spent about 30 minutes with me on the phone giving me suggestions, the limitations of my case, and explained the pros and cons. He could have taken my case and charged me thousands, but instead gave me suggestions so that I could keep my money. He was kind and understanding. He is definitely the type of lawyer I would hire and I would feel as if I am in more than capable hands. – Lorelei, a prospective personal injury client

We were extremely happy with Mr. Comer. He is honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable and personable. We would recommend him to ANYONE. You can’t find too many lawyers or people for that matter, like him out there today. – Susan, a personal injury client

He was professional, knowledgeable, and reliable through the months leading up to the trial and the trial itself. Even though I was offered a settlement from the defendant’s insurance company Mr. Comer advised me that I was entitled to more and could probably get it through trial. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family looking for representation and wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again if I had a need for legal services. – Matthew, a personal injury litigation client

Mr. Comer handled our Homeowner’s case with great skill and integrity. He was always available to us, explained situations/options, and was entirely careful of expenses. We recommend him without reservations and appreciate his work on our behalf! – Mark, a homeowner’s rights client

Roy Comer removed the mystery and eased the stress of my deposition with his detailed preparation. – Jerry, a litigation client

Roy Comer was a tremendous help in preparing me for my deposition and helping me understand what to expect. Truly appreciated his guidance. – David, a litigation client

Mr. Comer’s preparation and follow through was excellent. He had all the answers I needed and was able to help control the flow and the pace of the deposition. Thank you. – Ric, a litigation client

Certainly Roy’s advice, and professionalism helped me prepare for my deposition. His friendly demeanor helped with my comfort level throughout the whole process. – Bill, a litigation client

Mr. Comer met with me before my deposition. I was nervous but was completely affirmed by Mr. Comer that I would do well. He went over, in detail, what to expect and how I should be prepared to meet with the attorneys who handled the deposition for the other side. I found him to be honorable and forthright with me, and he had a lot of experience as a lawyer. – Chuck, a litigation client

Mr. Comer was very professional and thorough in a meeting before my deposition and was very attentive during the deposition on my behalf. He made the entire process painless and I am truly grateful to have had him with me in the room. – Rich, a litigation client

Roy was very thorough and patient which was great for me or any client. Really appreciate the way he prepared me for my deposition. Really Outstanding. 5 stars. – Dewey, a litigation client

Gave me very insightful information in understanding my rights as a client. Straightforward and very helpful in his counseling. – Al, a litigation client

Roy provided pre-deposition preparation for me and did a fantastic job. He was very knowledgeable, organized and professional. His guidance was extremely helpful to me. – Bill, a litigation client

My husband and I were referred to Roy Comer in 2007. Mr. Comer handled our case efficiently and made the process easy for us. We are happy to refer our friends to him because we know he takes a personal interest and brings integrity and expertise. – Cinda, a homeowner’s rights client

I was affected physically and emotionally. Mr. Comer is a very caring lawyer and humanitarian. I am so very grateful to have had his help. – Mary, a personal injury litigation client

Mr. Comer is a man of integrity; what more could you ask for? – Dru, a litigation client

I used Roy Comer on two different occasions, and found him to be very helpful and an excellent advocate for the two issues I needed help with. I would highly recommend him. – Mark, a business dispute client

Roy was recommended to me by my Commercial Insurance broker. In contacting Roy, he listened to my situation patiently and offered me a lot of good advice. He jumped right in and acted promptly, which is what he promised and what I was hoping for. – John, a business client

I am very grateful for the services I received from Roy Comer. He has a wealth of knowledge and provides honest and insightful responses. Although Mr. Comer referred me to another attorney that specializes in the area that was specific to my needs I always felt supported and he had my best interest in mind when it comes to any type of services that would be suited to my needs. Actually I would have been honored to have him attend to my legal needs however, he respects his areas of expertise. – Linda, an employment litigation client

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