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The Unique Attributes Of A Competent Personal Injury Attorney

Interviewer: What makes you unique among other attorneys?

Roy Comer: There are several ways I stand out among other personal injury attorneys.

  • First, I’ve handled and tried personal injury cases for both the injured person and I’ve defended those kinds of cases, too. I’ve tried million dollar cases for both the plaintiff and the defense, so I have the particular skills and experience to handle all types of cases.
  • Second, as a sole practitioner, the cases I take are not passed on to paralegals or law clerks. One thing I tell my clients is that when you call my office, you’re going to talk to meand I apply all my personal resources to the handling of each case. If you leave a message, I’m the one that is going to get back to you just soon as I can.
  • Third, because I am able to anticipate where the defense will focus, I have an unusually effective approach to the presentation of the claims of injured people.
  • Fourth, I recognize that clients need to be well informed before making decisions about their case. So, when I take on a client, that client becomes like family to me, and I take extra care to orient them to my practice and help them understand what they can expect throughout the handling of their claim. By this I mean that while I retain my professional objectivity, I give the advice to my clients that I would give to my own flesh and blood.

The Best, Most Experienced Attorneys Combine Compassion with Strong Advocacy

If you’re my client, I want to be your trusted legal adviser. You now have the equivalent of a very knowledgeable and experienced friend or family member with whom you can consult. I may not know the answer to every question they ask, but since I’m also an adjunct law professor, I have a network of lawyers and professors with whom I can consult to get to the answer.

Because I’ve been a plaintiff in a lawsuit, I’ve been through the process of being injured and worked through the process of questioning what the treating doctor is going to do and wondering when I will get better. Because I’ve been a defense lawyer and worked for insurance companies, I believe I’m in a position to anticipate how the claims adjusters and claims managers think. Because I’ve tried enough cases as a plaintiff’s lawyer and as a defense lawyer, and because I’ve taught others how to try cases, I think I have a pretty good idea of what juries do and why. I think these things, in addition to my particular skill set, distinguish me from others in this field. I have the head knowledge and a heart of compassion to be able to help those injured due to a careless driver.

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