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Students’ Testimonials

There are literally hundreds of positive comments from lawyers nation-wide that have viewed Roy Comer’s presentations. Here is a sample…

“Have been using this program for years. This was the best course of all.” – Donald (Fresno, CA)

“Top rate course and presentation. Great job, Roy!” – Kelly (Malibu, CA)

“Very good presenter with lots of practical examples. I would be interested in seeing more presentations from Mr. Comer.” – Barbara (Washington, DC)

“The faculty instructor is a very dynamic speaker and instructor. He is very engaging and knowledgeable about trying a case. Excellent course” – Marinna (Gardena, CA)

“This Presentation was the most original and thought-provoking of any similar presentation I have heard in my 41 years of practice.” – Peter Albert (Westport, CT)

“This was the best CLE course I have taken in 20 years! Really useful, concrete and relevant. I wish I had worked for his firm when I started out!” – Darcy (Wellington, FL)

“This instructor should be used more often – smart, knowledgeable, experienced and terrific delivery.” – Martha (New York, NY)

“Excellent. Speaker is very experienced, very knowledgeable and a great communicator. This was the very best CLE I have ever been exposed to in all my years of practice, whether live or recorded. My highest commendations go to the presenter. Thank you for this.” – Regina (Houston, TX)

“This is a great topic, taught by a great instructor. I’m really glad Attorney Credits can make such great lectures available.” – Ryan

“Excellent. Best presentation I have seen.” – Peter

“I’ve been practicing for 30 years and tried a bunch of cases. Wish I had listened to this program years ago” – Michael

“Here is a great example of useful content delivered in an interesting, enthusiastic and professional way. I loved this course and in particular this classy and knowledgeable instructor, who clearly knew what he was talking about. Grade A for this one !! Thank you !! And please thank him too!” – Caroline

“This was the finest CLE course I have ever viewed. It should be a standard staple of EVERY CLE syllabus … particularly for lawyers who do ANY litigation … young, old, and in between, this CLE should be mandatory!!!!” – Robert

“After 18 years of trial work in Texas, I already use a lot of these rules. I totally enjoyed the course and plan on listening again. It is structured so that I can review the exact portion of the trial that I feel needs work. I plan to add it to my trial prep protocol.” – Denise

“This was the best course I’ve taken at this site.” – Kathleen

“Very helpful trial rules!!! To be an efficient, likable and successful trial attorney! Very interesting, precise, to the point! Perfect! I enjoyed and learned best trial skills in an interesting and modest way!!! THANK YOU!!!” – Madhureema


“This instructor was obviously enthusiastic about his subject matter and it was reflected in the quality of the presentation. Excellent!” – Emily

“Great instructor. Funny and loved the anecdotal evidence. War stories always help me best when trying to see how effective or not effective tips can be in real life. I hope he leads more sessions.” – Sophie

“He’s definitely one of the sharpest and best on these CLE’s which makes him easier to watch.” – Rachel

“Information in the presentation was informative and valuable, but more importantly, the speaker cared that his audience members were getting something out of the experience. It wasn’t an undirected summary of rules or regaling of war stories.” – Stephen

“I liked this guy from the start. What a crack-up.” – Alastair

“Wow, super good. Really great advanced info. Thank you so much.” – Richard

“I am a 30 year trial attorney, excellent… still learned something” – Barbara

“Brilliant! This seminar was fantastic! I plan to watch it again. It was just that good. Very helpful, very insightful.” – Lora

“Very, very good. The speaker is fabulous … not pompous, totally organized, great information, happy I spent the time listening.” – Mary Jane

“This is an excellent course for all trial practitioners, regardless of amount of experience.” – Kevin

“I thought this speaker was exceptional. Great course!” – Michele

“The instructor is well-spoken. His message is easy to follow and accessible.” – Paloma

“Perfect amount of time and materials very pragmatic– he also was an excellent mentor for new attorneys and demonstrated a high ethical standard” – Joanne

“28 years of practice. 40 trials. 33 wins. Over 400 depositions. He did a great job.” – Jeff

“I thought the presentation was excellent and appreciated that the speaker was not only a law school professor, but a current practicing attorney. His courtroom and behind-the-scenes examples were extremely beneficial, and addressed many of the questions I have concerning trial practice since most of my own cases settle prior to trial. I would highly recommend this seminar.” – Kathryn

“Mr. Comer is probably the best speaker in the series.” – Justin

“Excellent course and one of the few I will listen to again, because although I don’t take depositions, his advice on communication was good — and he practiced what he preaches (no ums or you knows). Very good.” – Teresa

“Best presentation yet. I would engage him as co-counsel any time.” – Harry

“This was an excellent presentation by an excellent lawyer.” – Harold

“This is one of many Courses I have viewed from Roy Comer. I have practiced for 35 years. He never fails to help me by organizing what I know and by mentioning points I had not kept conscious of. He is an excellent instructor.” – William

“This is a fantastic presentation, nothing to improve. Have been an attorney for 35 years and found this really interesting.” – Sharla