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Dangerous Floor Results

  • Recovered a $300,000 settlement after prevailing in bifurcated trial during the liability phase against a defendant that failed to properly maintain the public walkway allowing vines to grow and create a tripping hazard. The client suffered significant injury to both kneecaps in the fall that required extensive physical surgery to recover full, pain-free motion and allow her to kneel to play with her grandchildren.
  • Recovered a $100,000 settlement against a homeowner that allowed its sprinklers to leak onto the sidewalk for such a long time that algae was growing, creating a slippery surface that was not visible to the client while walking on the sidewalk. The client had recently had knee replacement surgery, and the fall created new harms and losses by aggravating the post-surgical recovery time.
  • Recovered a $75,000 settlement against a major big-box retailer that failed to enforce its own safety rules concerning timely cleaning up spilled food when it was aware of the spill. The client suffered frozen shoulder syndrome from the fall.
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